by Deathsails

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First EP from Colorado based act Deathsails.


released August 25, 2016

All lyrics by J. McCoy
All songs by Deathsails



all rights reserved


Deathsails Colorado

Deathsails is an experimental/ electronic project from Colorado.

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Track Name: Black Candles and Ritual Amputation
Illuminated castle walls,
Under electronic skies.
You're already gone,
I see it in your eyes.

Your rituals have come undone,
and the skies have burned away.
May the candles you light
burn down your home.

All is done under candlelight,
I know what you do to yourself at night.
Track Name: Ghosts
Devastating depression without a reason.
The pieces are lost, aching like phantom limb.
Correlating obsession swells like an ocean.
These mechanics of magnetism on the mend.

Oh your ghosts
Your not welcome here anymore.

Black, battered, beat to shit,
a face-lift i never wanted.
My mouths tired of saying hello
to your new stranger.
Can you put it away tonight
i don't want it.
Can't you see your putting
us in danger.
Track Name: Love Your Empty
Your red eyes a glow,
what are you doing here.
It feels so good to be low,
love your empty.

Your real eyes are closed.
I love your empty.

Wake in the night
just to find
that we're not breathing anymore.

You know your not alone?
I've come to meet you here.
It feel so good to be low,
love your empty.
Track Name: Three Knives
where you going to?
Can i follow you?
Why'd you leave me here?

I liked you best that way.
I would change for you.
I'm watching what you say.

how does the new one taste?
Oh, and by the way,
you left your knives behind.

I washed them through and through,
sharpened them for you,
just returned the favor.

I know why I've changed,
but whats your excuse?
After all,
you left cut-ups on the floor
for me to sanitize alone.
My stomach turns to see the things i love
picked off of the bone,
and left in scraps for the dogs,
but even they are disgusted
by what you've done to me.